Impact Financial Systems publishes a regular blog that includes updates on business process automation, financial services and technology trends, news, information and more.

Last year, they published this post on the top financial services blogs to follow. Not only has this blog post been one of their most viewed, it’s also served as a great resource for FinServ and FinTech industry news, trend, and commentary. They decided to do the same for InsurTech as they launch more products for the insurance industry.

I am pleased that my website is included in this roundup of blogs IFS feels represents the best commentary, insight and news in the insurance space about Insurance Technology (InsureTech).

Date: April 26, 2017
Appearance: Top 10 InsurTech Blogs to Follow
Outlet: Impact Financial Systems
Format: Other

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An Update on the Optimum Setup for Multiple Monitors in Your Office

I began suggesting that every insurance agency should add multiple monitors to their desktops over 15 years ago. I could see blank stares from the people in the audience. “Why would we do that?”

3 monitor portate setup

I no longer need to convince agency owners of the wisdom of having multiple monitors on every desk. Today, the questions I receive revolve around fine-tuning the setup, and how many and what type of monitors is optimum.

Following are some of the questions I receive and my opinion on what might be best for your particular situation, or your office. My disclaimer is that your final decision on how to best set up your desk is ultimately your decision based on your personal preference and what will work best for you.

How Many Monitors?

On December 7, 2016, Amazon successfully completed its first drone delivery as part of its Prime Air initiative. The package was delivered to a customer in the Cambridge area of England. The package arrived at his house just 13 minutes after the order was placed. Guess drone delivery just might be closer that many thought.

I first read Daniel Pink’s book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us a few years ago on the beach in Costa Rica. Karen and I were on vacation and I could not put the book down. It continues to resonate with me. I keep thinking about the section where he talks about how paying commissions may not actually motivate salespeople to sell more. Counterintuitive, isn’t it? I realize suggesting that insurance salespeople should not be paid commission is heresy. But, what if Pink is right and you are wrong?

This TED talk by Pink is 18 minutes long. I recommend you take a few minutes and listen. Then, if you are intrigued, read his book.

Drones, Risk Management and Insurance – What You Need to Know

Steve Anderson LinkedIn Influencer
April 21, 2015

The use of drones by commercial companies will require the proper insurance coverage. This is an opportunity for insurance agents and brokers to demonstrate their risk management expertise and, at the same time, create new business.

If the job is dull, dirty or dangerous, then it is likely you will use a drone.

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