How to Create a Simple Affordable Texting Solution with SimplTxt

It has become a foregone conclusion that agents and brokers need to manage text messaging as part of their communication mix. We have known for a while this was coming. However, the actual implementation of adding text messaging into the organization’s workflow has been a bit more complicated.

SimplTxt website

I have written several times about text messaging with suggestions on how to adopt this communication channel within your organization. You can review those articles here, here, and here.

I’ve also talked about texting in two episodes of The Digital Broker Podcast. In episode 11 we talked about The Rules of Engagement, and in episode 12 we talked about How to Implement. You might want to listen to each of these for more detailed information.

Several texting options are available, including management system platforms that have added integrated text messaging as a communication option. These options may be the best for your organization to implement.

Today, I’d like to share with you a new inexpensive text option created by my podcast co-host Ryan Deeds. Ryan saw the problem with managing and documenting text messages within an insurance organization and started thinking about how to create a simple, affordable platform that any size organization could easily implement.

The result is SimplTxt.

Use Designrr to Create Great Ebooks Fast

Content is still king.

Designrr eBook Creation Platform

Developing engaging, helpful, and useful content is still one of the best ways to attract the attention of potential prospects — whether personal or commercial consumers. Producing good content continues to be hard. Once created, you want to repurpose that content in as many different formats and media as possible to gain the maximum benefit out of what you’ve created.

One of the ways I’ve been able to repurpose articles I’ve written for TechTips over the last few years is to create ebooks of a single article, or combining separate articles together. It is the same content, but when presented in a different format, it catches a different set of people’s eyes. An ebook also works well as a “lead magnet.” I provide various ebooks as a free downloadable PDF document in exchange for a person’s name and email address.

I use the Designrr platform to quickly and easily create multiple ebooks. Building a new project is fast. You just import your content, add a cover from a template, add some images if needed, and convert the project to a PDF that can be downloaded and shared.

The MunichRE LossDetect™ Tool Helps Reduce Collisions for Auto Fleets

There is a fundamental shift happening in the insurance industry moving from restoration (returning the policyholder to the same financial position they were in before the loss) to prevention (preventing the damage from happening in the first place). Technology has been developed, and is still being developed, that will help policyholders prevent losses from ever happening in the first place.

MunichRe Smart Mobility

Agents and brokers need to be adding services for their clients that will help them prevent losses.

Munich Reinsurance America has unveiled its Smart Mobility Program offering a toolbox of solutions to address the complex issues surrounding commercial auto losses and to help reduce or avoid the risk of collision for commercial fleets. The Smart Mobility program includes LossDetect™ (patent pending), an automated text-mining tool that analyzes automotive claims data and recommends potential solutions.

Through my involvement with Matteo Carbone and the North American Connected Insurance Observatory, I’ve had the opportunity to meet Michael Scrudato, Senior Vice President, New Strategic Markets and Bruce Weisgerber, Mobility Solutions Center Leader, New Strategic Markets and get an early look at their LossDetect platform.

Why Google’s Investment in Applied Systems is Good for All Agents and Brokers

I spent last week at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville attending the AppliedNet 2018 user conference with about 4,000 other people. Because of some signals I picked up, I anticipated a significant announcement by Applied Systems. I wasn’t disappointed.

Google + Applied Systems

Toward the end of his opening keynote presentation, Reid French – CEO of Applied Systems – announced a “nine-figure” investment by CapitalG (Google’s investment arm) into Applied Systems. I had the opportunity to participate in two press briefings totaling almost 2 hours as various members of the press and industry analysts asked questions about the details and impact of this investment by Google.

Click here to read the full press release announcing CapitalG’s Investment.

French was also gracious enough to carve out 30 minutes in his full schedule to talk with Ryan Deeds and me on our Digital Broker Podcast. I highly recommend you listen to the interview to hear from French himself the details and implications of this investment.

Following are my early impressions regarding the significance and potential benefits to the industry and agents and brokers as a result of this announcement.

How to Easily Test Your Website on Multiple Browsers

Browsershots Browser Testing

In last week’s TechTips, I provided you with a chart of the market share for different Internet browsers. Google Chrome’s browser commands a 60% market share. I’ve included the chart again below.

This chart got me thinking that it is essential for you to make sure your website displays correctly on multiple browsers. It would help if you made sure the pages of your website render correctly on at least the top three Internet browsing platforms.

You could install each browser on both a Windows and Apple computer so you can load your website and test all of the pages. However, this is at best a cumbersome process.

Enter browser testing websites.