Listen to Podcasts in Half the Time

I listen to a lot of different podcasts. Some I listen to for enjoyment, some I listen to for marketing tips and ideas, and some I listen to for inspiration. Recently, I was involved with a meeting at American Modern Insurance Group, located in Cincinnati. I decided to drive, so I had 10 hours of driving time that allowed me to catch up on a backlog of podcasts. I call that productive drive-time!

You may remember that I announced a new podcast I have started, The Digital Broker, along with my co-host Ryan Deeds. The latest episode is “APIs and Why Your Agency Should Care.” If you’ve ever wondered about data connectivity between different platforms, then this will help you understand why I think APIs are important for your agency.

As I was driving and listening to podcasts, I realized I have used a technique for many years to listen to podcasts (or any audio recording) in half the time.

How to Automate the Annual Policy Review Process Using EchoSage

There are tremendous benefits in establishing an annual account review process. These include:

How to Automate Policy Review
  • A positive touch with your client.
  • Uncovering potential coverage gaps.
  • Finding ways to enhance and improve existing policy coverage.
  • Protection against a “failure to provide proper coverage” E&O claim.

The benefits of an annual account review process are well established. The question is, do you have a yearly account review process in place? Moreover, how often do you review every policy in your office?

How to Test Your Website Security

Making sure your organization’s website is secure is more important than ever.

Test Website Security

I have written about this topic several times. The last was in November 2016. You can read that article here.

If you capture any information (contact form, quote request form, certificate request form), then you need to make sure your website has the appropriate security protocols installed.

SSL Labs offers some tools to help you better understand SSL security. SSL Labs is a collection of documents, tools, and thoughts related to SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security. The site was created to help any Internet user better understand how well SSL is deployed on a website.

Testing Your Website Security

One of the tools – SSL Server Test – is a straightforward way to test the security of any website. To check a website’s security, follow these steps:

Announcement: New Podcast – The Digital Broker

Drive profitability through operational excellence

I have listened to podcasts for years. They are a fantastic way to reclaim idle time and learn something new. I regularly listen to about 20 different podcasts. And, I am always searching for someone I can listen to who will give me an edge, so I can become a bit better at productivity, writing, leadership and, sometimes, just learn something new that is interesting.

The Digital Broker Podcast Logo

There are several excellent podcasts designed for independent agents. Is there a need for another podcast? I think there is. The existing podcasts focus more on marketing and sales, and they do an excellent job of helping agents and brokers understand the changing consumer. I firmly believe marketing and sales create growth and effective operations create profitability.

Which is why I am pleased to announce The Digital Broker Podcast.

How to Set Up Your Workstation to Help Increase Your Productivity

It seems everyone I talk to is feeling overwhelmed. There is too much to do and not enough time to get it all done. To many, being as productive as possible means accomplishing everything you need to get done. For me, productivity is more about getting the right things done, not just getting more things done. I will address this topic in more detail in a future issue of TechTips.

Today’s topic was inspired by a question from Scott Harwood at Harwood Insurance about workstation ergonomics that can help anyone be as productive as possible.

There are several factors that go into creating the best workstation layout. Ergonomics is key to making sure you are as productive as possible. Following are some of the elements that will help you create an ergonomically-friendly workstation environment that will help you get more done.