Using Stickers to Brand Your Agency

Keeping your agency’s name and brand in front of prospects and current clients is always a good idea.

Sticker Mule

There are multiple ways of doing this. For years, many agencies used calendars — either bigger paper calendars or magnetic calendars that would stick on the refrigerator. There are some companies that specialize in branded promotional products. These are the ones you see vendors giving out at convention trade shows. These products are all potential ways of keeping your organization visible to your ideal prospect and client.

One item that is not typically included in these promotional product catalogs are stickers. Moreover, they seem to be a hot item with certain people. People put stickers everywhere — laptop cases, motorcycle helmets, and who knows where else.

Why Satellite Might Be a Good Internet Backup Solution

Operating any insurance organization today requires a stable, high-speed Internet connection. Obtaining a premium quote for a prospect, requesting a policy change for an existing client, operating your online agency management system, even making a telephone call — all require Internet access.

satellite internet backup

Because of our dependence on the Internet, I have recommended for many years that every agency make sure they have redundant Internet connections from different service providers. Adding a satellite connection as an Internet backup is a simple and effective disaster recovery option that will go a long way toward helping you make sure you can continue to operate effectively.

Help Improve Agency Password Management: Survey from ID Federation

Every agency has to deal with password hell.

ID Federation

An agency with 50 employees that conducts business through 65 carriers or MGAs must, at a minimum, ensure the security of 3,250 IDs to protect the personal information of its clients. Industry experts have projected that the cost of compliance, including adding and deleting user IDs and passwords, may soon reach as high as $3,000 per employee per year.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and emerging laws on cybersecurity soon will further complicate credential management (user IDs and passwords) for agencies, brokers, MGAs, and carriers.

This can’t continue.

How to Create Your Own Branded URL, Link Shortening Solution

A link shortening service allows you to use a short, easy to remember, and easy to type website link to send people to a much longer and more complex one. For example, which link would you rather give out to someone:

Pretty Link Custom Short Links (last week’s TechTip)

or (the actual URL for the article on my website)

Which is easier to remember and to type? It is obvious.

How to Set Up Your Mouse for Maximum Effectiveness

The mouse that you are using to read this article was invented by Douglas C. Engelbart and first demonstrated in public in 1968 at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco to one thousand of the world’s leading computer scientists. It wasn’t commercially adopted until the late 80s when Apple included a mouse to control the graphical user interface on the Macintosh computer. Microsoft quickly followed when Windows 95 was released.

Mouse Properties Diolog Box

Your lowly mouse. You use it every day yet take it for granted.

The last couple months I have been talking about some of the changes taking place with computer monitors. I received the following question from a subscriber.

“The thing I like least about multiple monitors is losing my cursor. Any suggestions for how to keep track of it? It seems to scamper away to a different monitor. Seems like a dumb question but it gives me trouble.”

Fortunately, the answer is yes; you can control how your mouse operates by opening and understanding the mouse properties dialog box.