How to Schedule Sending an Outlook Email

There are times when I want to delay sending an email to a later date and time. The most common reasons why I do this are:

schedule outlook
  • I want to answer an email but not send it until regular office hours. I may be working late at night or on the weekend, but don’t want the recipient to feel compelled to answer immediately.
  • I want to automate sending an email at a specific time.

Fortunately, Outlook has the ability that allows you to schedule when you want an email sent. It’s a simple setting within the Outlook email options.

Using Instagram QR Codes

In October 2017, I wrote a TechTips on Why QR codes might be making a comeback.

Instagram QR codes

I recently came across another indicator that you should consider including more QR codes in your marketing.

Intagram settingsInstagram recently rolled out to all users the ability to create a QR code to the app. Users can now create QR codes that’ll be scannable from any supporting, third-party camera apps. The idea is that businesses can include their QR code on various marketing material (both physical and virtual) and have customers scan it to open their Instagram account easily. If you have set up your Instagram account correctly, people can see store hours, buy items, or follow the account.

New Flood Factor Could Reclassify Property as High Risk

Flood insurance is one of the more difficult types of coverage to sell. Especially to those policyholders who think because they don’t live near water, they don’t need coverage. Yet, as most of us know, a flood can happen anywhere, anytime.

Flood Factor Report

One of the difficulties is being able to show a property owner the likelihood of a flood at their property.

A new tool has become available to help you in this process called Flood Factor. ™

Upgrade Your Video Insurance Proposals

Over the last six months, we have all received a crash course on how to use video to engage prospects, clients, and coworkers.

video proposal

I’ve talked in the past about how to use video to engage with a video handshake. I encourage you to read this article to refresh yourself on the importance of video and the options available.

I recently saw a post where an insurance agent was describing presenting a $300,000 proposal to the Board of Directors of a large company using the Zoom video platform. Another agent commented on LinkedIn that he initially thought his free Zoom account would simply be a temporary need but has now realized Zoom has become an essential business tool. I suspect there are many of you reading this who feel the same way.

That’s why I want to encourage you to upgrade your video insurance proposal process.

The expectation for the level of quality for virtual meetings today is different than it was just a few months ago. I have included some thoughts below on how you can upgrade your capability to meet these changing expectations better.

How to Use Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

One of the best ways for you to be perceived as an authority on insurance is to be quoted by national, regional, or local news sources. Public relations firms charge thousands of dollars each month to place you and your content with media outlets. And, you don’t need to pay that much. You can do it yourself using just a little bit of guerrilla marketing.


Last week, a quote from my book, The Bezos Letters, was included in an article published on the Data Center Frontier website. The placement of that quote did not happen by accident. The author included my quote because I pitched him after he asked for comments from experts willing to contribute to his article. I pitched him based on the information contained in my book. He ended up using my quote, and I received exposure to an industry that was not on my radar at all.

You can do the same thing with a little bit of work on your part.