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The response to my book The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business Like Amazon continues to be very gratifying. In addition to being on the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller lists, the book is published in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, and Russia. It will be available in an additional eight countries in the next few months. The Bezos Letters was also included on Forbes Top 20 Books You Need To Read To Crush 2020.

Anderson Risk and Growth Principles

This past weekend, Karen and I received an encouraging email:

How To Optimize Your Website’s Error 404 Page

Many factors help make your website a useful communication and marketing tool. One of those factors is to create an interesting and engaging error 404 page that can help increase the amount of time someone spends on your site.

SteveAnderson.com Error 404 Page

Optimizing your error 404 page is an often overlooked Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool. When working on optimizing your site for search engines, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to remember each step necessary for on- and off-page SEO. Failure to optimize your error 404 page can lead to problems down the road.

What Is an Error 404 Page?

The Internet is very picky! If you don’t type in the website address exactly right, the site may send you to an error 404 page. An error 404 page is a standard website page that tells visitors that the server cannot locate the page or file they are looking for.

There are several reasons why someone coming to your site may land on an error 404 page:

The Windows Clipboard Has Been Updated

Copy and Paste has been a standard part of the Windows platform since the beginning. However, the usefulness has been limited. You could only paste the content from the last copy you did. That changed with the October 2018 Windows update.

The first step to using the new clipboard functionality is to make sure you have enabled Clipboard History on your computer. Here are the simple steps:

Windows 10 Now Has an Emoji Keyboard

I have a quick tip for you today. Windows 10 now gives you the ability to use your keyboard to insert an Emoji into text.

Emoji got its start in Japan. The word “emoji” can be translated to “image character.” The first emoji was created in 1999 by Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita. They have grown in use, especially with smartphones, texting, and social platform posts. I have begun using 👌 or 👍 to acknowledge a text message.

Now, I am not promoting using Emoji’s in business communication, but there may be situations where they are appropriate.

Using Windows 10 Free Quick Video Creator

Video continues to be an essential tool to communicate with internal staff, carrier partners, clients and prospects. Yet, many people continue to be intimidated by the process of creating, editing, and publishing a video.

video creator

Microsoft offers a simple free video editing solution.

If you have Windows 10, you already have this video editor built in. It’s an easy way to create short videos quickly. The program includes a selection of background music and premade title templates. I decided to create a short video to show you how to use it.