The Top 10 TechTips of 2018

I published fifty TechTips in 2018. I realize that with the continued flood of email, some of these TechTips may have gotten sent to a “read later” folder and were forgotten. Others may have scanned the issue but didn’t have time to research to see if the tip would help.

Top ten TechTips

I have never promised that every issue will be earth-shattering and life-changing. But I do hope there were a few gems over the course of the year that significantly impacted productivity and effectiveness for you individually and for your organization.

In this issue, I am highlighting my Top 10 TechTips for 2018.

CoverWallet for Agents: Your Online Access to the Small Commercial Market?

You may have heard of CoverWallet as a new insurance technology startup that offers small business insurance coverage direct to consumer. Most traditional insurance agents consider CoverWallet as the enemy trying to take their business.

CoverWallet for Agents

While that may still be the case, last week CoverWallet announced a new service for insurance agents allowing them access to CoverWallet’s technology platform. The platform is called CoverWallet for Agents.

I had an opportunity to preview the platform and hear details of how the service will work. Following is a bit more information so you can decide if this is an opportunity worth exploring or a continued threat to your business.

Best Year Ever: How Will You Achieve Your Personal and Professional Goals in 2019?

Where did 2018 go? It is hard to believe that 2018 will be history in a short 25 days.

Best Year Ever

2018 was a great year for me. My net business profit increased by 46%. My first book will be published in September 2019 (with a second book available in the spring of 2020). I have spent more fun time with my wife Karen and our 6 (almost 7!) grandkids than ever. And I am having more fun than I deserve! Each of these started as a goal set at the beginning of 2018.

It was my best year ever. What about you? How many of your 2018 goals were you able to see completed?

Achieving these goals would not have been possible without a system. For the last few years, I have taken time in early January to review the past year and think about what I want to accomplish by the end of the coming year. It is hard and at the same time a rewarding process.

Traditional Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

Thinking about what I want to achieve in the new year and strategizing on how to get there is deceptively tricky.

How to Maximize Your Impact Using PowerPoint Morph Transition

PowerPoint has been used as a presentation tool in business meetings for a very long time. It’s a powerful tool that seldom gets used effectively. I have used PowerPoint to create hundreds of presentations that I hope will engage the audience both visually and emotionally.

Unfortunately, a PowerPoint presentation is all too often dull, but transitions and animations can help provide a more interesting visual component to any presentation. I have recently discovered a new transition included in the Office 365 version of PowerPoint that makes creating object transitions easier than ever.

Enter the PowerPoint Morph Transition

The morph transition is a more manageable and automated way to move objects, so they appear to be floating across your screen. Other transition types have been around a long time that allow you to do similar things with objects. With the morph transition, you don’t have to be a PowerPoint expert to create more engaging visuals.

How to Create a Simple Affordable Texting Solution with SimplTxt

It has become a foregone conclusion that agents and brokers need to manage text messaging as part of their communication mix. We have known for a while this was coming. However, the actual implementation of adding text messaging into the organization’s workflow has been a bit more complicated.

SimplTxt website

I have written several times about text messaging with suggestions on how to adopt this communication channel within your organization. You can review those articles here, here, and here.

I’ve also talked about texting in two episodes of The Digital Broker Podcast. In episode 11 we talked about The Rules of Engagement, and in episode 12 we talked about How to Implement. You might want to listen to each of these for more detailed information.

Several texting options are available, including management system platforms that have added integrated text messaging as a communication option. These options may be the best for your organization to implement.

Today, I’d like to share with you a new inexpensive text option created by my podcast co-host Ryan Deeds. Ryan saw the problem with managing and documenting text messages within an insurance organization and started thinking about how to create a simple, affordable platform that any size organization could easily implement.

The result is SimplTxt.