Contact Steve Anderson

If you want to get in touch with me, here’s the best way to proceed based on how I can help you. If you need to talk to me right away, call me at 615-599-0085. Otherwise, email is the best way to go due to my travel schedule.

Consulting: If your agency has an interest in learning more about how I can help you with your technology efforts, please email me with a basic outline of the project. I will review and get back to you with any questions. If I think I can help the next step would be to schedule a telephone appointment to review the details of the project. Learn more about my consulting services.

Agency productivity audits: This process was designed to help you understand how your agency currently utilizes technology. A utilization score in six areas of agency operations is provided along with an explanation for each area along with an analysis of where you need to head in the future. If you’re interested in scheduling an audit please email me. Learn more about agency productivity audits.

Speaking|Presentations: One of my passions is helping teach agencies, insurance companies and vendors how to use technology to more effectively increase revenue and reduce expenses. As such, I place a priority on being available to conduct various presentations. If you are interested in having me speak on agency technology at your conference or private event, please email me for details. I offer a variety of presentations that can be tailored for your group. Click here to get more information on my speaking schedule and presentation topics.

Writing for The Anderson Agency Report (TAAR): Do you have what it takes to become part of a team of top industry experts, sharing your knowledge with the readers of The Anderson Agency Report? Email me with a description of the topics for which you have a passion. If you have some specific article ideas please include those along with a brief outline of the content. I will review and get back to you. Make sure you provide me with the best way to contact you.

Interviews/Quotes for your site/blog/publication: If you would like to interview me or get a quote for your article/site/blog, please email me your questions, as I would be honored to help. And thanks for asking!

Pitches: If you have a product or topic you’d like for me to know about, please keep these guidelines in mind:

Will your idea be relevant to my readers? I enjoy writing about how the insurance agencies are using technology to better reach their customers. I also am constantly looking for new sites and other tools that would benefit insurance agencies. That’s my ultimate filter; I won’t write about your idea because I want to promote you, I will write about it if I think it will be something my readers can find value in. So in order to be considered, you have to explain to me why your product or service will be valuable and relevant to my readers. Their time is more valuable to me than yours is.

Please read my blog and newsletter before you send me your pitch. Reference why you think your pitch will be interesting to my readers based on what I have posted about before.

If you have read my blog and/or newsletter and think your pitch is relevant to my readers, please email me with details.

A general question or comment on a post I have written: Please do NOT hesitate to email me if you have a general question you want to ask about how your agency can better use technology. And if you have comments or opinions about a post I wrote here, and aren’t comfortable leaving a comment, please email me your thoughts.

You can also connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.