A Step-by-Step Guide to Maximizing LinkedIn to Build Your Sales and Your Brand

LinkedIn, the online business networking tool, has over 300 million users.
Could some of them be your next clients and referrals?
The answer is a resounding YES – if you know the right ways to maximize it.

Dear Agents,

Now, more than ever before in the insurance world, LinkedIn is the easiest to use and maintain of all of the various sites available for connecting people in the business community. The networking, referral, and quite frankly, moneymaking opportunities are vast for insurance agents, if you know how to use LinkedIn correctly.

With online searching being the default way of getting information by just about everyone, you want to make sure you are at the top when people are looking for insurance providers or just “checking you out” to see how you match up to other services. With the right way of leveraging LinkedIn, you can make sure you are always at the top and getting, and keeping, clients for your insurance business.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Arrow - RedIf it’s not already, your LinkedIn profile (or agency page) should be the foundation of your business Internet presence. (You may also wish to use other personal tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, but LinkedIn is your best business lynchpin.)

You see, many people think LinkedIn is simply a huge online database of resumes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

LinkedIn is really about relationships… the backbone of the insurance industry. Yes, many people shop solely by price but still, people want to work with a person, someone they can trust with their money and their future.

LinkedIn lets people find out a little more about who you are and what you provide in seconds. It can be your “business card” into beginning a long lasting relationship with them. (That’s why, unlike Google, LinkedIn is perceived as a “higher caliber” and often, a much more trustworthy search.)

In other words, LinkedIn is about branding and identifying you as an agent (or agency) and all you can provide to a client. LinkedIn can single you out as being the best provider of the insurance services your prospect is looking for – almost invisibly blowing your competition out of the water.

That’s why I’ve created this practical online course, An Insurance Agent’s Guide to Getting Started with LinkedIn: A Step-by-Step Guide to Maximizing LinkedIn to Build Your Sales and Your Brand. It’s designed to help you develop a successful LinkedIn presence in the least amount of time possible while avoiding the common mistakes others are making.

I’ve spent my career helping agents harness technology to provide better sales and service to their clients.

I’ve specifically designed this course to guide you step-by-step through the process of setting up and using LinkedIn so again, you can leverage every interaction to showcase who you are professionally and what you provide to your clients.

Here’s a little of what’s included:

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Learn the difference between a personal profile and an agency page and how they relate and complement each other.

Arrow - OrangeLinkedIn doesn’t exactly relate to your “real world” business… or does it? The answer may surprise you.

Arrow - Orange Learn the five questions to ask that are imperative to answer before you “go live” with your LinkedIn presence.

Arrow - Orange LinkedIn is hard to start over if you mess up initially… Learn the exact steps to take to avoid this dangerous pitfall and ways to “patch things up” if you need to.

Arrow - Orange Find out how to get in on the hottest growing feature in LinkedIn – specific recommendations of service providers – an insurance agent’s sweet spot.

Arrow - Orange LinkedIn “Recommendations” are the online equivalent of a personal referral in the LinkedIn world. Learn how to set these up in the right order for maximum reward.

Arrow - Orange Discover what LinkedIn mistakes never to make and why, if you make them, they can significantly damage your LinkedIn presence.

Arrow - Orange Is it possible to “manage” your online reputation? It’s actually easier than you think if you know this particular premise.

Arrow - Orange Determine exactly what to do if your competition has an earlier, bigger and better LinkedIn presence – and why it’s not too late for you to start now.

Arrow - Orange Find out the one most essential, but often overlooked, element in succeeding with LinkedIn.

Arrow - Orange Compliance concerns for insurance agents? Remember this specific reminder for producers regarding all existing laws and licensing procedures in your state.

Arrow - Orange The surefire way to get new and more business with LinkedIn… and the seven simple, but disastrous mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

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And much, much more…

All modules include screenshots and step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do (and, more importantly, when you should take certain steps and when NOT to).


About the “Insurance Agent’s Guide to Getting Started with LinkedIn” Course

This course is different than anything you have experienced. Instead of just listening to Steve talk about what you should do, this course is specifically designed to take you step-by-step through the process of setting up and maximizing LinkedIn.

The advantages of this Integrated Learning Environment include:

  • Each new module is delivered one per day over 6 days.
  • Each day’s module has multiple activities you can complete as you have the time.
  • A combination of video, audio, screencast and print allow you to learn in your own best style.
  • This step-by-step process ensures you make the right changes at the right time.
  • A discussion forum where you can ask questions to get additional help.
  • Online access allows you to go back and review the material again when you need a reminder.

Here are the main modules:

  • Module 1: Showing up on LinkedIn
  • Module 2: Getting Contacts & Connections
  • Module 3: Getting recommendations
  • Module 4: Getting New Business with LinkedIn
  • Module 5: Networking and Helping Others with LinkedIn
  • Module 6: Claiming and Enhancing Your LinkedIn Agency Page

An Insurance Agent’s Guide to Getting Started with LinkedIn: A Step-by-Step Guide to Maximizing LinkedIn to Build Your Sales and Your Brand is designed for busy insurance agents to get you up to speed quickly and easily.

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The bottom line is this: Don’t waste your time or worse, ruin your reputation with a poorly created LinkedIn presence.

100% Money Back Guarantee - Hand Drawn BlueI’ve spent the last 35+ years in the insurance business as a producer and technology authority and I can tell you without a doubt, LinkedIn is one of the opportunities that’s a hidden gold mine for insurance agents today.

You can get access to An Insurance Agent’s Guide to Getting Started with LinkedIn today for the low price of $89, a full $40 discount off the regular price of $129. Just use the code: LIGS89. And, even though it’s not a lot of money, I’m offering a full Money Back Guarantee. I’m willing to take all the risk to ensure you can create a successful LinkedIn presence.

As I said earlier, the networking, referral and quite frankly, money-making opportunities are vast for insurance agents, if you know how to use LinkedIn correctly. So don’t put this off. LinkedIn can make a difference in your business and there’s no better time to get started than right now.


Steve Anderson


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