It used to be that we’d go to a travel agent, a real estate agent or have a corporate salesperson call on us to give us information. But today, information has escaped. It’s found its freedom. It is being beamed to us every day in huge quantities and as consumers we are empowered by it.

Having that information is changing the way we shop and buy. Remember what the auto dealership used to be called? The ‘showroom’! Well, it is now the ‘showroom’ again. Land Rover reports that in 2000 it took 7.5 visits to a dealership before a customer bought a car, now it takes 1.5 visits. Why? Because they did everything but the test drive online!

My realtor friend told me the other day, there is no such thing as a ‘First Showing’ of a house anymore. “Every showing is a second showing as all my customers have whittled their list down online and have seen every house already!”

Customers no longer need you for information; they need you for advice! “Actually sir, this color looks better on you,” “I  drove this model for three months and got about 21 mpg, so that is what you can really expect.”

ON Innovation by Terry Jones
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