Frequently Asked Questions

How many modules are in the course?

There are five modules, each one is delivered daily. Each module contains multiple activities. Individuals can track their progress by marking each activity as “completed.”

How long is each module approximately?

There are multiple activities in each of the five modules and we estimate it will take 30 to 45 minutes to complete each module.

Am I limited in the time frame that the course must be completed (for example, must I do the course on five consecutive days or can I start on a Friday and resume on a Monday)?

While one module is released each day for five days, you can come back to any part at any time and you can complete them at your own pace. You have as much time as you need to complete the entire course.

Do they build on each other, so that each module needs to be taken close together? Or can they be taken one a month for five months?

You can space them apart at your leisure since you can go back to the previous module to refresh your memory. A duration of a month between each is a little too far apart, though, and should be taken closer together. A week between, perhaps, as you want to get the maximum benefit of the course.

If we purchase a custom Taming Your Outlook Inbox course for our organization, is the training something that is done individually, or is it a webinar that everyone logs into?

Each person will have his or her own access and can complete the modules at their own pace. As a custom course, all conversations and discussion within the course remain private to the organization.

What if we have questions during the course?

One of the benefits of the integrated learning environment is the ability to post questions within the discussion form. Steve monitors these questions and comments and generally will respond within 24 hours.

Once I purchase the Taming Your Outlook Inbox course, what should I do if I run into technical problems?

If you have any technical problems while taking the course, the Ruzuku FAQ answers a number of common questions and Ruzuku Support is always close at hand. You can always email Sissi as well for a quick response.