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TechTips highlights one new “thing” each week that just might help your agency increase its productivity and effectiveness: TechTips is short, to the point, and quick to read. Want a copy?

Just wanted to say that I continue to be impressed with not just the usefulness of every TechTips issue, but the width and breadth of all the tools you are providing.

Ron Berg, Executive Director, Agent’s Council for Technology (ACT)

As I travel across the country talking to insurance agents, the question I hear often is, “Can you just give us a couple quick tips on the top things we can do right now to make our agency more profitable and effective?” The answer is, YES! As an authority on insurance technology as well as a consultant and editor, I’ve spent my working career discovering the cool new tools, websites, gizmos and gadgets that can make an agent’s life easier, more productive, and more competitive.

My weekly emailed newsletter — Steve Anderson’s TechTips — highlights one new “thing” each week that just might help your agency increase its productivity and effectiveness: TechTips is short, to the point, and quick to read.

After working with literally hundreds of agencies of every shape and size, I’ve come up with what I believe are the best agency technology resources available anywhere.

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I really appreciate and enjoy your TechTips email. I am not always able to keep up with all of the changes in technology. However, your email really helps me stay aware of what is happening.

Albert L., Executive VP, Marsh, Berry & Company, Inc.

Is there a charge for TechTips? The answer is: NO!

This is my way of supporting insurance agents in these trying economic times — not to mention that I really do love finding the latest gizmos and gadgets that can increase productivity — just ask my wife!

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To higher productivity and profitability!

PS: Why subscribe to TechTips? Implementing just one idea could provide your agency a competitive advantage and, just as important, it can keep you from making costly and potentially disastrous agency technology mistakes.

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Will your email inbox be empty by the end of today? If yes, then stop reading because you don’t need any help. If no, then check out Steve Anderson’s Taming your Outlook Inbox Course – guaranteed to train you step-by-step on the best ways to gain control over your Outlook inbox again.


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This course details the 5 critical steps an agency must take to make sure they pick the very best agency management system to run their agency. A mistake will cost you thousands of dollars and days of lost productivity. Pick the right system and your profitability will soar! This free course will teach you how.

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