A Guide to Successful Agency System Implementation

A comprehensive reference designed to help your insurance agency as you plan for and implement new systems, standards, and procedures...

The Report

Agency Owners… Failing to have a successful system implementation will be with you for years!

You may lose clients, staff — and you will definitely lose sleep and money. This applies to any type of system you may be implementing. Think telephone system, multi-functional copier/printers, agency management system, and so forth.

While it is vitally important to spend the time to select the correct systems for your agency, it is equally as important to spend the time and resources for proper implementation. I speak from years of experience in helping agencies sort out what all went wrong after the fact. By the time I arrive, almost everyone hates the system. The agency owner feels like they have made the worst business decision of their life.

Much of the time I spend with these agencies is in discussing and teaching information and process that should have been handled prior to the implementation of the system. Overcoming all of the negative attitudes is difficult. All agency systems have their pros and cons. But failure to implement properly causes just as many problems as choosing the wrong system for your agency.

The Anderson Report System ImplementationIn The Anderson Report on System Implementation, you’ll learn the foundational information and specific steps you need to take in order to have a positive system implementation in your agency. In addition to the details of implementing a system, you’ll assess and define your core values and discover the importance of your agency’s culture in a successful implementation.

Specifically, I reveal how to…

What You’ll Get

Specifically, I reveal how to…

  • Define the implementation team.
  • Define the implementation timeline and overlay it on the vendor’s timeline.
  • Assess hardware/software requirements that you may need in addition to those specified by the vendor.
  • Decide if you should convert all data, part of the data or none of the data, and what to do in each case.
  • Learn the intricate steps to defining the most complicated system you will implement: the agency management system.
  • Know how much training you’ll need, what type of training, amount of training and the timing of training.
  • Define best practices standards, procedures, and workflows.
  • Manage the demonstration process to make sure you see what you need to see.
  • Go Live!


In addition, The Anderson Report on System Implementation includes:

  • Information on multi-location issues for those agencies with this situation.
  • The importance of client quality service and insurance carrier relations through this process.
  • New systems check-ups and check-ins.
  • Templates (Word and Excel files) you can use to create timelines, organization templates, system activity titles and descriptions, along with other valuable templates.
  • I have also included the agenda I use when conducting an Agency Management Systems Planning Workshop with an agency.

Check out the Table of Contents to see exactly what you’ll get…

Table of Contents

Check out the Contents to see exactly what you’ll get…


Section 1: Core Values

Section 2: Agency Cultures and Procedures

Section 3: Evaluating Workflows, Systems & Business Records

Section 4: Implementing Systems and Workflows

  • Define the Team
  • The Timeline
    • Timeline #1-Beginning
    • Sample Conversion Timeline from Vendor
    • Timeline #2-Vendor Timeline Overlaid on Main Timeline
    • Timeline #3-Agency/Vendor Timeline
  • Hardware/Software Requirements
  • Data Conversion or Not
    • The Issues
    • The Pros & Cons
    • The State of the Current Data
    • Validating the Conversion Data
    • Initial Download Options
    • No Coverage Conversion
    • No Conversion-What to Do
  • Defining the System
    • Organization
    • Accounting
    • Insurance Carriers
    • Download
    • Real Time
    • Security
    • User Define Information/Tables
    • Activities/Actions
    • No Coverage Conversion
    • Default Applications
    • Word Merge Documents
  • Business Records Management
    • Agency Management System vs. Document Management Software
  • Training
    • What It Is and Isn’t
    • How, Who & When
    • Keeping Staff Engaged
    • Continued Training
    • Training New Staff
  • Best Practices-Standards, Workflows & Procedures
    • Standards
    • Procedures
    • Workflows
  • Multi-Location Issues
  • Going Live
  • Quality Client Service and Insurance Carrier Relations
  • New Systems Check-Up and Check-In


  • Sample Timeline
  • Basic Organization Template
  • Organization Template
  • Activities/Action Titles & Standard Descriptions
  • Business Records Management Chart
  • General Staff Training
  • Targeted Training
  • Sample Agency Management Systems Planning Workshop

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Could you research all the areas of implementation yourself, train your staff, and then monitor the results? Yes, possibly. Bust most agencies really struggle to accomplish all of the tasks to get a new system up and running.

You are making a large investment in systems. You should reap the full rewards of that system. In order to do this, the system must be fully defined, staff trained and monitored and follow-up with staff after live date. Someone dedicated to these tasks will get them accomplished in a timely manner with minimal interruption to your daily business and service to your clients.

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About Pat

About Pat Alexander

Patricia M. Alexander, CIC, CPIW is a consultant, coach and mentor. Her experience spans standard insurance carriers, retail agencies, surplus lines insurance carriers and managing general agencies. She has been an agency owner in addition to holding several executive level management positions throughout her career.

Pat has managed large, national programs both at the insurance carrier level and at the managing general agency level. While always involved at some level in the operations area, this became her focus in 1998. Pat has been involved in the definition and organization of several firms from their start-up to fully operational. She thrives on the challenges of researching, defining and implementing new systems and considers herself an agency systems and operations specialist with an insurance background. Pat is dedicated to the best use of technology as a means to enhance the service experience for clients and agency staff and to improve agency profitability.

Pat’s diverse experience enables her to be an asset to her clients. Her knowledge of the insurance industry eliminates the need for clients to spend valuable time explaining how the industry works. Her focus includes customizing workshops for agencies implementing new agency management and document management systems. Additionally, she assists agencies in searching for the right systems for their agency.

Pat has acted as an expert witness in Texas non-subscription cases, contract dispute cases, errors & omissions cases and other areas related to the insurance industry. Her most interesting experience was testifying in an arbitration in London. She speaks at industry events, is on the CIC national faculty and a contributing writer for insurance industry publications.

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