Boston Dynamics has introduced a new — much more capable — factory robot. Yet another example of how technology is changing and improving at an exponential pace. Is this the next industrial revolution? Or, is it just a toy that might be fun? What are the implications for the insurance industry, if any? Let me know what do you think below.

On December 7, 2016, Amazon successfully completed its first drone delivery as part of its Prime Air initiative. The package was delivered to a customer in the Cambridge area of England. The package arrived at his house just 13 minutes after the order was placed. Guess drone delivery just might be closer that many thought.

The new Peer to Peer insurance company Lemonade launched its new service just a few weeks ago. This is a video from their website that explains how the process works. Time will tell if they ultimately become successful. What you should pay attention to in this video is how they are re-defining what it means to have a great customer experience when buying insurance.