On-site consulting

There are two primary ways for us to work together. Which particular one will be best for you and agency will depend on both your immediate and long-term goals as you work toward integrating new technology into your operation.

Per day: I will quote you a per day fee plus any related travel expenses from Nashville, Tennessee. This option would be appropriate if you know what you need and are looking for specific help on a particular problem or issue that is more short term in nature.

Working by telephone is always an option for those situations where an office visit is not necessary. I can provide you with an estimate of the cost.

Sufficient lead time is required to determine the correct combination of sessions, compare calendars for proper scheduling and prepare an necessary agency-specific materials.

Per project: If you already have a specific project(s) in mind I can work with you to make sure the project is completed to your satisfaction. The cost would be determined based on my estimate of the amount of time necessary and the complexity to complete the project. I would provide you with an estimate of the total cost after we review together the objectives and timetable.

To begin, contact me for scheduling and more information.

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2 thoughts on “On-site consulting

  1. Patrick, thanks for contacting me. Here are a couple of thoughts:

    – My understanding is that the current version of AMS360 with the NextGEN interface does allow access to client information via a tablet (iPad probably). What I am not sure of is the ability to enter data into the tablet. That may be in a future release.

    – ACORD One is a web app that is available on various platforms. It does allow you to complete a subset of ACORD forms. Here is a screenshot of the home screen so you can see the options. The problem is getting the date entered into AMS360. To the best of my knowledge there is not currently any type of integration. It can be done but you would have to find out from Vertafore if they would actually allow it.

    I am not sure how this will work in a CITRIX environment. You would have to test it to make sure it will work well.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.

  2. Good afternoon,
    I am a business analyst for Renasant Insurance, which is part of Renasant Bank. I currently provide technical support to this group in all office locations including Corinth, Louisville, and Tupelo, MS. We have an employee that mentioned the use of IPads for our producers so they can upload the information directly into AMS360 instead of writing down then manually keying. I contacted Vertafore Support this afternoon since they are the vendor owner for AMS and currently this application is not supported on the IPad due to .net framework. Vertafore did mention they are trying to focus attention on this issue and get resolved with the nex gen view. I think as a workaround, there is an iphone app called Acord One to secure the information that would send the applications to companies for quoting purposes. We do operate in a Citrix environment and AMS360 is used online or web based but my question here is do you know if this will even work due to our Citrix or terminal server environment?

    Thank you
    Patrick Bedgood
    Business Analyst
    Renasant Bank